Certified Invoicing Software

The Portaria n.º 22-A/2012 was published in Diário da República, Série I, 24 of January 2012, which amended and integrally re-published Portaria n.º 363/2010 of 23 of July 2010 regulating the certification of invoicing software.

These changes include:

  • The mandatory use of certified invoicing software for companies that have had a turnover exceeding EUR 100.000, or have issued more than 1000 invoices in the previous fiscal year.
  • All shipping/transport/delivery documents/notes are now subject to signing.
  • Also, all other documents that can be presented to the customer as proof of delivery of goods and services, regardless of their designation, are now subject to signing.

For more informations, see Portaria n.º 22-A/2012.